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Hunt #1: Page 11

Hunt #1: Page 11

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When Zyanya was ten years old, her home planet was destroyed and her kind completely whipped out. Now she's the last living harpy in the universe. For next eight years she was hunting the ones responsible for destroying her world killing everyone on her path, good or bad. Her actions against humanity made her reach the tops of bounty lists. However, two years ago she did something that made her lost all will to move on or even live. Her stepbrother Emil let her stay on his space station under one condition: that she will never kill anyone again! Will she keep the promise? A S-F story about one of the most dangerous woman in the univers, her dilemmas and ass-kicking life. Shonen style manga. May contain Violance, Yuri, Vore, Black and Pervy Humour and other awesome stuff like that (it will>:3) Reads from top to bottom!:D RAWR!

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Venom master
Posted by Venom master
April 19th, 2009, 7:02 am
send a PM

I'll write news in coments.

Anyway, here it is, it took me a while to start this.

Finally Zyanya's comic. It's before meeting with Freeshooter, her past.

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